Numero School has started

November 2017
ACMG successfully launched an educational project, developed by ACMG Academy. The first classes at Numero School were held last week.
Within the framework of this project the first open lecture of Numero School was held. First Vice-President of ACMG Antonio Alizzi and Editor-in-Chief of Numero magazine Igor Andreev told about the goals and objectives of their courses. So the course "Business models for media industry" leads by Antonio Alizzi and his invited guests and the course "How does the glossy magazine works" leads by Igor Andreev.

The students of Numero School are mainly university graduates, media managers, business-oriented specialists, creative people who want to succeed in the media industry.

"The labor market in the print remains very conservative and closed. Specialists and managers move several times from one publishing house to another in search of a better life. From the competitors candidates with great experience, often more than 10 year, come to us but they completely unprepared to adapt to the new reality. So they are not able to work in ACMG. Therefore we came to the decision to prepare employees for our company independently, using the help of the best, usually foreign specialists. We will attract young, talented, ambitious people to ACMG through a specially developed course. The best of them will remain for internship in our media group and will become a part of ACMGdreamteamteam, " - said Alexander Fedotov, President of ACMG.
In the course the knowledge and experience of practitioners are structured. This is the first project of ACMG Academy. So the company pays special attention to its development.

"Benjamin Franklin once said: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." And this is what I so strongly believe in, what inspired us to build a new business unit - ACMG ACADEMY. Education connects our past, present and future, makes us better, helps us become professionals in our business. ACMG aims to become an active participant in the European educational system" - said First Vice-President of ACMG Antonio Alizzi.

Numero school - are two different courses from experts in style and media management. During the educational process Numero school students will study models of strategic and tactical management of the fashion industry companies. They also will learn the global dynamics of brand development.

“Every day I meet people from completely different spheres who want to work and develop in the fashion industry: some of them have already decided what they want and others are still thinking. The goal of our school is not only to teach our students to think creative, but also to become professionals. Today in Moscow there are a lot of schools that teach style and journalism, but, unfortunately, few of them are able to provide their students with practice and show the industry from inside"- said Editor-in-Chief of Numero magazine Igor Andreev.