L'Officiel Voyage Russia

119270 Moscow, Russia
2/4 Luzhneckaja emb., building 4
Business center "Art Plaza"
☎ +7 (499) 518-66-22, to six. 2711
e: info@lofficielvoyage.ru

Oksana Buran, Brand Manager
e: buran@lofficielvoyage.ru
About project
The Russian edition of L’Officiel Voyage has been published since 22 April 2016. It is a new travel and lifestyle magazine for those who see travel as an inalienable part of their lives. Like the French edition it describes its main idea, its positioning on the market and its message to the readers with the following formula: MAINSTREAM DE LUXE.
The mission of L’Officiel Voyage is to focus on original itineraries, unique events and people as well as show familiar and popular destinations in a brand new light.
Digital publishing
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