L'Officiel Russia

Editor-in-Chief Ksenia Sobchak
Managing Editor Maxim Andriyanov
About project
"Using western terminology, Russian L’Officiel is the most “young and fresh” magazine among the competitors. A new team has greatly changed the image of the magazine: we write not only about fashion but also about living, interesting people who integrate fashion in their lives with other interests. Our magazine is younger than others by approach, design and language. We easily mix haute couture and street style. Apart from clothes, accessories and beauty care we have a lot of stories about Moscow life and its main persons. L’Officiel is a magazine of a big city and we interpret a slogan of French edition front row in our own way – we write about people of high society along with the world fashion idols. Critical, young, new- these words are associated with us".
Ksenia Sobchak, Ex Editor-in-Chief
Digital publishing
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